VR Gaming Center Franchise. Get on Business Niche to Dominate with No Competition
Save up to 50% on Virtual Gaming Arena Franchise Opening with HTC VIVE Pro and Steam VR Tracking 2.0 Advanced Technologies. Available in the USA
Why Virtual Reality Is the Business Opportunity
Virtual reality market will grow up to 80 billion dollars by 2025 (Goldman Sachs)
About 80% of young people are into VR full immersion games
90% of those who try VR will share their full vr experience with their friends
Stay Ahead of the Competition
As location-based entertainment (LBE) centers virtual reality games are just becoming more popular. Hurry up to take your place on the booming VR market.
PlatformaVR Business Advantages
Your virtual reality club can become first-ever in your city.
Return on investment within 12 months.
Our unique content games are available in PlatformaVR Virtual Game Centers only.
Regular content production: 4 new VR games per year.
Starting from 12 sessions per day.
Powerful viral marketing in social media.
The world's first quality VR franchise with minimum business costs.
What Makes Our VR Games Different?
Quality graphics
Complete virtual reality immersion
Absolute full motion
Real life immersive vr experience
Today there is a wide variety of options to try VR. Our exclusive content is distinctive in that it provides full immersion virtual reality. Such an effect cannot be achieved through home play stations, smartphones or mobile VR attractions in shopping malls.

Players are absolutely free to move and are not limited in motion by virtual reality equipment wires. They can move around the spacious virtual reality game room and interact with one another as if in real life.

We use motion capture and full body VR tracking technologies, which results in transferring all players' movements into virtual reality space.

Inside the game players see their bodies in personalized VR characters just as they see themselves in reality.

In addition we introduce haptic sense imitation into our content providing our guests with the immersive opportunity to not only see and hear but also feel everything happening to them in the virtual world.
  • We are the first company who builds their business in the VR entertainment industry cutting the virtual reality equipment costs and at the same time providing high quality.
  • We ensure the lowest business production cost on the high quality VR market of AAA games.
  • Fast and easy hardware delivery, installation and setup.
  • We apply HTC and Valve advanced technologies and state-of-the-art virtual reality
  • We are the world's first virtual reality platform based on HTC VIVE Pro and Steam VR Tracking 2.0.
  • We produced three games in 2018 and are getting ready to release the fourth game.
  • We develop premium class full immersion virtual reality
  • You will get a ready-to-operate VR club. The franchise cost includes space lease, technical support, game development and content production, personnel and marketing.
Take your chance to own business based on advanced technologies and get your place in the new booming VR entertainment industry.
Our Games
The Arrival
Travel inside the movie

You are at the giddy height. Join the team against the cosmic world. Complete tasks, search for secrets and hints. Find out what happened at the abandoned galactic station.

Game time: 60 min

Genre: Shooter, Quest

Number of Players: 2-4
The Poisoner
Play through the detective quest and find the killer

Immerse into the gloomy thriller atmosphere. You and your partner are detectives who picked up the right trail of a dangerous maniac. Solve quick understanding and logic riddles and challenge your intuition making your adrenaline run high.

Game time: 60 min

Genre: Thriller, Quest

Number of Players: 2 or 4
Fight with your friends

Take a gun and a sword and prove your leadership. Sneak up on others, have a bloodbath or just get into groups and defend your positions playing against each other.

Game time: 60 min

Genre: Team shooter

Number of Players: 3-4
Virtual Reality Games for Everyone
New leisure time style with friends. Excellent alternative to movies and quests in real life.
Team building venue. Great opportunity to build the team and get to know one another better.
New family time spending option. You can play with your children at their age of 12 and older.
Unusual date of just two of you in the virtual reality game room. The game is getting popular with loving couples.
Ideal birthday or any other occasion gift to be remembered.
Start Your Virtual Reality Business

We are looking for franchisee to join our team and build business in entertainment industry of the future.

With our locations in Russia (Moscow) and Latvia (Riga), we are now opening clubs in the UK (London) and the USA (Los Angeles). Our games are available in MindQuest Escape Games virtual reality attractions in Orlando, Florida.

We will assist you in choosing a location for virtual reality game room, carrying out service repairs, delivering and installing hardware, getting the VR gaming place ready for its grand business opening, setting up vr game content (including the games to be developed in the future) and will always be providing you with complete business support to ensure your VR club makes profit.

Feel free to contact us today to get to know how you can start your business and earning on the new booming market.