Fully immersive virtual reality experience

Be a hero of a movie or a computer game: fight your enemies, solve puzzles, be in the center of a battle

Metro station:
About Us

PlatformaVR is a new experience for you and your friends

A cool birthday gift or unusual date idea. Immerse yourself in virtual reality, full of exciting adventures and new sensations.
2-4 players

Simultaneously play as a group of two, three, or four
1 hour

Duration of the game

All ages 12 and up

Full immersion and complete interaction with the world

Your movements are not restricted by wires; you can move freely in and around the space. Trackers on your hands and feet transmit all movements to the virtual world, and you can interact with objects.

Sits comfortably and firmly on the head. Helps to see the incredible worlds.

Transmit finger motion into virtual reality for easy control and direction of movement.

No wires restrict movement, allowing it to sit lightly and comfortably on the back.
VR Gun

Light and easy-to-use rifle to effectively fight your enemies in the game

Transmit all motion of your feet into virtual reality.

Haptic strap delivering realistic sound feedback

Choose your game

Each PlatformaVR game is a VR adventure, with its own tasks and goals.
The Arrival
You are at a head-spinning elevation. Join forces against the cosmic universe. Complete tasks, search for secrets and hints. Find out what happened at the abandoned space station.
Journey inside the movie
Number of players:
60 min
2-4 players
Team game for groups of 4 people. Take a cannon and a shield into your hands and prove your superiority. Sneak up behind others, stage a bloodbath, or split up into two teams and defend your positions, demonstrating teamwork and game tactics.
Compete with your friends
Number of players:
60 min
3-4 players
The Poisoner
Dive into the ominous atmosphere of thriller. You and your partner are detectives, hot on the trail of a dangerous maniac. Solve riddles using intelligence and logic, and put your intuition to the test. Prepare for an adrenaline rush.
Solve the detective mystery
Number of players:
60 min
2 players
Price per session
Prices are for a 1-hour game
Monday - Thursday

$45 for two players
$90 - for three players
$120 $90 - play as a group of four, pay as a group of three
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Friday - Sunday

$90 for two players
$120 - for three players
$150 $120 - play as a group of four, pay as a group of three
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Valid until the end of 2018
Give your friends and loved ones the gift of a cool experience
Receive a gift card in the mail or pick one up in its original packaging at one of our locations

For two $90
For four $120
We created a comfortable waiting room
You can sit on comfortable sofas and play on the PSVR following your VR experience.
Online Booking
Select the address, date, and time of your desired game session, and book the game.
Kurskaya metro station, "Winzavod"
Freedom of motion
There is a free roaming experience in the game area of 100 sqm at the "Winzavod" location. Wires do not hinder your movement; all data and information is transferred through a light and comfortable backpack. The walls and columns in the play area are reflected in the virtual world, so you will be safe.
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Moscow, 4th Syromyatnichesky Pereulok, House 1/8, Building 6, 1st Floor, Room III

Phone: +1 (540) 340 56 28
WA/Viber: +7 977 102-14-99
Want to receive a discount?
We have an excellent loyalty program; you will definitely find a discount for you.
- 10%
When ordering through the site
- 20%
A single player, if they visit us again
and bring 3 new players
- 10%
Discount works the week following
a birthday.
4 players = 3 tickets
Play as a group of four, but pay for three.